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If people have any questions or comments, they should contact Michael Hershman, AICP, Lamar County Senior Planner, phone: 601-794-1024, email: mhershman@lamar

Lamar County has realized that because of the extensive growth seen over the past decade there is a need for the County to project outward the possible growth patterns and concerns that may occur in the future.

Lamar County has taken this opportunity to create and adopt a Comprehensive Plan which covers not just County administration, but also other governmental uses such as roadways, emergency services, and overall development concerns that the County may have in the future.

This plan brings all the component parts together in order to ensure that they all know or can anticipate some of the needs that will have to met if the County continues to grow.

If you have any questions regarding the Comprehensive Plans content or the extent the Plan covers please contact the Planning Department.

Land Use & Thoroughfares Plan Map

The first step to Lamar County and in conjunction with developing a Comprehensive Plan was to create a map of the portion of the County which will be affected by the Comprehensive Plan showing how the County is projected and guided to grow. The Land Use and Thoroughfares Plan Map is only to be a guide showing the future anticipation of what the County may need to address as the County develops more. Most of the map is a projection in time of what might come or be needed in the future. The Map is not binding by law, however is a basis for most capital improvement projects for the County.

Click Here to view Land Use map

Most of the Comprehensive Plan components are derived and based on parts of what this map shows as the possible future of how Lamar County may look.