Lamar County Fire Services is an all-hazards department with 8 fire departments servicing 11 fire districts and 2 cities throughout Lamar County. The 24 stations are served by 20 career and 185 volunteer firefighters throughout the county.  Our main purposes is to minimize injuries, deaths, and property loss due to fires and other emergencies throughout Lamar County.

Lamar County Fire Services is also involved in emergency medical response by assisting the ambulance services with First Responder, EMT, and Paramedic responders. These responders are trained to assist with BLS and ALS calls as needed.

Lamar County Fire Services also provides many other programs such as Fire Prevention and Education, Arson Investigations, Dive Rescue, Search and Rescue, Hazardous Materials Response, and Fire Inspection, among others.

All firefighters in Lamar County Fire Services participate in monthly training exercises, regional training classes, and courses at the Mississippi State Fire Academy. This ensures Lamar County firefighters are ready to respond to a variety of types of emergencies should the need arise.

Lamar County Fire Services are committed to saving lives and property while enhancing the communities in which we serve.

If you would like to volunteer with one of the 8 departments, please contact the Lamar County Fire Coordinator for more details.