The Lamar County Fairgrounds and Community Complex was built in 1999 to provide an affordable multi-use complex for the citizens of Lamar County. The Entrance Building has a large porch that surrounds a Meeting Room, Concession Stand, Restrooms and has a covered walk-way to the Main Arena.

The Meeting Room which measures 24×35 seat 65 people comfortably and is equipped with Men and Women Restroom/Dressing Rooms.

The Concession Stand is equipped to handle large crowds with fountain drinks, hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, chips and candy.

The Main Arena measures 200×300 feet and is covered. There are two sets of spacious wooden bleachers that comfortably sear over 2,300 people. The performance area can be opened on two ends allowing for an additional 2,500 folding chairs for stage presentations.

The livestock and horse configuration allows for a 135 x 200 foot performance area with pens on each end that includes holding areas, bucking chutes, team roping, etcetera. A chute is conveniently concealed under one side of the bleachers. The Arena floor is composed of sand clay soil that can be tightly packed to accommodate walking.

The Main Area is connected to a Horse Barn and Exhibit Barn by covered walk-way.

The Horse Barn is well ventilated and has 119 wooden stalls that are 10 x 12 feet each with several water faucets located at the end of each alley. An animal wash area located at the rear of the Horse Barn can accommodate six animals at a time.

The Exhibit Barn can tie 180 cattle and allows for a 12 foot walk-way between the rows. The Exhibit Barn also is designed to comfortably accommodate 120 10 x 12 foot spaces for vendors or exhibitors while maintaining a 12 foot walk-way for spectators or shoppers.

Future Sports Facilities in Lamar County

The Lamar County Sports Complex Visionary Board is an advisory board to the Lamar County Board of Supervisors.

To understand the workings of the visionary board please click here.