The Planning Department for Lamar County is a resource provided by the Lamar County Board of Supervisors to promote, review, and address concerns of related development and its effects occurring within the County.

The Planning Department is in charge of administering the Zoning, Subdivision, Site Plan, Storm Water Management, and the Flood Plain Ordinances. The Department supports day-to-day government operations and assists the citizens of the County.

The Planning Department manages Comprehensive Planning, Zoning, Hazard Mitigation, Subdivision and Site Plan Review, Storm Water and Floodplain Management for the County.

The Planning Department provides a means for citizens to become knowledgeable as to how, when, and where development is occurring within the unincorporated portions of the County. The Department also administers grants ranging from recycling, to white goods/tire to housing. Our Commitment The Planning Department strives to protect its current residents. Lamar County Planning works in a progressive mode to ensure that we are on top of the ever changing County and Pine Belt area while preserving what makes the County great.

The Department also strives to provide the best possible service to all the citizens of Lamar County. The Department is committed to keeping Lamar County one the best places to live both in Mississippi and the nation.

Comprehensive Plan

Subdivision Management

Site Plan Management

Land Use Zoning

Residential Construction Permit

Storm Water Management

Inspections & Enforcement

Planning Commission

Medical Cannabis

Alcohol Ordinance