Lamar County has determined that it is important to our residents to provide assurances that some minimal standards are provided by developers of subdivisions. This thought provides Lamar County a way of letting you, our current and soon to be residents, know that Lamar County is striving to ensure that roadways and drainage systems are constructed to withstand the normal daily uses that occur in our climate.

Managing the development of Subdivisions also allows Lamar County to work on long term planning design and needs of the County administration from schools, infrastructure, law enforcement, fire response, roadway maintenance, to garbage collection and more.

All of these services which Lamar County provides either through its own staff, or through partners such as the Lamar County School Board, or the State Department of Transportation rely on Lamar County managing the development of subdivisions.

What Forms can Subdivisions take

Subdivision can take a wide range of forms from just single family residential to combined mixed use developments, to something that looks more like a small town being built. One of the most common subdivisions Lamar County has is actually family estates which divide up property amongst family members. Lamar County has traditional subdivisions with just residential uses in them being developed, however there has been a tendency over the last few years to emerge the more mixed town style subdivisions which have commercial, recreational, and residential uses within them.

Subdivision Regulations

Below you will find a PDF version of the Lamar County Subdivision Regulations as currently amended and enforced. You can click on an individual Article to view that particular Article, or on Entire, to view the entire Regulation.