Mission: As advisory to the Lamar County Board of Supervisors, the LCSC Visionary Board shall advance a Sports Complex master plan that will support the citizens of Lamar County and regional visitors.

Goal: Utilize the results of the Lamar County Comprehensive Plan, input from the Board of Supervisors, Parks and Recreation Department, Sports/Activities Advisory Team, other stakeholders, ADP, professional consultants and site visits, facilitate the development of a Sports Complex master plan.


  • Determine sports and activities that will advance the planning of associated facilities/venues.
  • Seek out the best location for a comprehensive Sports Complex utilizing specific criteria as provided by the Visionary Board and normally accepted practices followed by the Board of Supervisors.
  • Select an engineering firm that will serve as a partner in completing a feasibility study, anticipated project cost and conceptual images on the primary land space as determined by the Board of Supervisors.
  • Convene a Sports/Advisory Team and a Junior Ambassador Leadership Advisory Team who will serve as experts of respective sports/activities to advise the LCSC Visionary Board regarding types and quantities of facilities/venues required to facilitate sports/activities.
  • Visit several quality sportsplexes that have documented success.
  • Set timelines with approval of the Board of Supervisors for the completion of a feasibility study, anticipated project cost and conceptual images.
  • Identify recommended sources of funding to plan, design and construct the comprehensive Sports Complex. The Sports Complex may be developed in phases- short, mid and long range development.

Visionary Board:

Mark Norton – District 1 Representative (Vice-Chairman)
Steve Lott – District 2 Representative
Brian Wines – District 3 Representative
Sid Gonsoulin – District 4 Representative (Chairman)
Chuck Bennett – District 5 Representative

Phillip Carlisle – Supervisor
Steve Lampton – Supervisor

Heath Sellers – Advisory Member
Grant Hartfield – Advisory Member (Clerk)
Michael Hershman – Advisory Member (Alt Clerk)

The Lamar County Sports Complex Vision Board invites sports enthusiasts to attend one of two meetings scheduled for Tues. Feb. 26 at the Breland Community Center on 79 Jackson Road or Thurs. Feb. 28th at the Lamar County Multi-Purpose Center meeting room, located in the Purvis Industrial Park. Both meetings will be at 7:15 PM. Board Chairperson, Sid Gonsoulin indicates that the Vision Board has been meeting since November and is now seeking to expand citizen involvement into the planning process to create a master plan for Lamar County’s Sports Complex.

It is hopeful as indicated in the Vision Board’s Mission statement that sports and activities enthusiasts will come together to be members of a Sports/Activities Leadership Advisory Team who will work in consort with the Vision Board to advance the planning process of the Sports Complex. Pursuant to the recent Lamar County Comprehensive Plan, sports and activities enthusiasts who have an interest in the following should consider attending one of the two meetings: soccer, football, tennis, fitness/wellness, walking/biking, family play grounds, baseball, softball, volleyball, pickle ball and other senior activities.

For more information contact Sid Gonsoulin.