All fees are due and payable in advance.

1. All filing fees shown below are for the first fifteen (15) pages of any instrument. Please add $1.00 per each additional page.

2. If a document pertains to more than one section or subdivision lot, please add $1.00 for each additional section or subdivision lot.

3. Document directing that a marginal notation be made (Cancellations, Assignments, Partial Releases, Subordination, Modifications and Substitutions of Trustee, etc.) should reference only one (1) instrument to be notated.  If multiple books and pages are listed, an additional fee of $12.00 per book and page listed will apply.

Deeds and Leases (Warranty, Timber and Quit Claim)$11.00
Deeds of Trust$16.00
Assignment of Rents and Leases$16.00
Assignment/Partial Release/Cancellations/Authority to Cancel
Subordination/Modification/Substitution of Trustee etc.
Lis Pendens$11.00
Construction Lien$11.00
Right of Way$11.00
Covenants (Plus $1.00 per additional lot or section)$11.00
Townhouse & Condominium Liens$11.00
Trustee’s Deed or Substituted Trustee’s Deed$11.00
Filing of Plat (Plus $1.00 per additional lot or section)$10.00
Federal Tax Lien or Judgment$10.00
Power of Attorney$11.00
Royalty Deeds (Plus Mineral Stamps as shown below)$19.00
Oil and Gas Leases
(Plus Mineral Stamps as shown below)
(Plus $1.00 for each book and page marginal notation when applicable)
Oil and Gas Lease Assignments and Cancellations
(Plus Mineral Stamps as shown below, if instructed)
(Plus $1.00 for each additional book and page marginal notation when applicable)
Mineral Stamps, Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases: 3 cents per acre
Mineral Deed 8 cents per acre
($1.00 minimum)
Self made copies$.25
Clerk-made copies of filed documents$.50
Certified copies of filed documents$1.00
UCC-1 – Land Only$16.00
UCC-3 – Financing Statements, Releases, Cancellations, etc.
(Must have been filed in Lamar County Land Records).
UCC Searches ($2.00 for each UCC found and copied)$5.00
Posting Substituted Trustee’s Notice of Sale$5.00

1. Return address must be on each document.

2. All deeds must have Grantor and Grantee address and phone number.

3. Notary Seal.

4. Indexing Instructions on all Deeds and Deeds of Trust.

5. Send a return envelope that is self addressed and stamped.