2018 Lamar County Comprehensive Plan update


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If people have any questions or comments, they should contact Michael Hershman, AICP, Lamar County Senior Planner, phone: 601-794-1024, email: mhershman@lamar countyms.gov

The Comprehensive Plan is a broad-based twenty-five year plan that guides the county livability consistent with the community’s vision. The initial Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2008.

Elements of the Plan consist of Goals and Objectives, Land Use, Transportation Plan, and Public Facilities Plan. The Public Participation Input meetings have been scheduled for the following dates, time and locations.

In association with the Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District, we actively use feedback to constantly improve and provide our citizens with the best possible service. That’s why we would like 10 minutes of your time to complete this online survey.

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Lamar County Planning Department Senior Planner – Michael Hershman – (601) 794.1024

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