The Board of Supervisors, at its meeting on September 12, 2022, after receiving a petition from the citizens, set and ordered a local option election to legalize the transportation, storage, sale, distribution, receipt and/or manufacture of wine, light spirit product and beer within all of Lamar County. This was pursuant to Mississippi Code Annotated Section 67-3-1 et. al. 

  The election was held on November 8, 2022, pursuant to Section 67-3-7. Lamar County voted 72% in favor and 28% against. The results have been certified to the Board of Supervisors by the Lamar County Election Commissioners and the Lamar County Circuit Clerk. The certified results have been received and entered by the Board and spread upon its minutes. 

The Board of Supervisors ordered upon the findings of the vote that the transportation, storage, sale, distribution, receipt, and/or manufacture of wine, light spirit products and beer shall be permitted within all of Lamar County, Mississippi, effective December 22, 2022. 

The Board of Supervisors, on November 21, 2022, passed an ordinance regulating alcohol sales and consumption in unincorporated Lamar County.  This ordinance becomes effective December 22, 2022. Here is a copy of the ordinance: 

On-Premise Sale and Consumption of Alcohol Ordinance


Unincorporated portions of Lamar County will need to obtain and maintain all appropriate licenses from the State of Mississippi’s appropriate agency.   

For Alcohol, please contact the Mississippi Department of Revenue, Alcohol Beverage Control Board. 

For food preparation kitchens, please contact the Mississippi Department of Health. 

Municipalities within Lamar County 

If your operation is located within a municipality, please check with the City Hall of the respective municipality. These would be Lumberton, Purvis, Hattiesburg, and Sumrall.  

Liquor & Hard Spirits 

At this time, Lamar County is not authorized for Liquor, and Hard Spirits are generally sold through State licensed packaged stores. This will require an additional petition and vote by the citizens of Lamar County.  The City of Hattiesburg, which has portions of its municipality within Lamar County, does have this provision already enacted. Please check with the City Hall of Hattiesburg for its regulations. 


If you have any questions or need any assistance with understanding this ordinance and how it may or may not apply to your operation, please contact the Planning Department at 601.794.1024 during normal business hours.