Residential Construction Permit Requirement

Lamar County Board of Supervisors under mandate from the Mississippi State Legislature House Bill 1163, 2022 session, is required to issue a construction permit to all residential construction meeting the guidelines as established by the bill within the unincorporated County. On July 5th, 2022, Lamar County Board of Supervisors voted to adopt the Residential Construction Permitting Ordinance. The date of the enacting of the Ordinance is August 5th, 2022.

This page explains the regulation which establishes the requirement for a permit to be issued prior to the start of construction of any residential project that meets the minimum threshold as set by the appropriate state statutes for needing a contractor’s license to perform such a project or task. The requirement for such a permit is not optional according to the House Bill which created the permit need.

The Permit Application Form can be found by scrolling downward and looking below.

State Mandatory requirements to be provided at minimum these two pieces of information:

  1. Either:
    1. the contractor’s material purchase certificate number to the extent furnished by the Department of Revenue pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. § 27-65-21 and a copy thereof, or
    2. the contractor’s Taxpayer Identification Number as furnished by the Internal Revenue Service and a W-9;


  1. Either the contractor’s:
    1. license; or
    2. certificate of responsibility as required by Sections 31-3-14, et. seq. or 73-59-1, et. Seq. of the Miss. Code Ann.

Self-Contracting / Exempt Style Residential

According to the MS Board of Contractor’s and the House Bill referenced above.  A person can only build one house a year without a contractor’s license being required.

Construction (Project) Manager, Overseer, & Life Safety style licenses are mandatory on residential projects which are claiming one a year exemption if the exempt party is self-subcontracting work out to others to complete. This includes construction (project) manager, overseer, gas, hvac, electrical, and plumbing.

If you are self-constructing a residential structure and hire (sub-contract) someone to complete one of the tasks listed above in this section.  The project manager, overseer, or life safety sub-contractors will need one of these permits each to be compliant with the state regulations.  There would need to be a separate permit for each license holder since there is no licensed General Contractor.

If a sub-contractor holds a general contractor license and agrees to take on primary contractor responsibility, the project is no longer a self-contracting exempt project. Fully exempt residential projects will not be able to have any project manager, overseer, or life safety sub-contractors working on the project. This means if you are claiming fully exempt, you are not able to hire any of the listed professions to complete the tasks for you.

If the project or a portion of the project is required to have a permit for construction through Lamar County.  Per state regulations, that portion triggering the requirement for a permit will be required to have a MS BOC license.

Please see the Mississippi Board of Contractor’s webpage for details and further contact information.

Remodel- Expansion to Existing Residential

If you are re-modelling or expanding your residence, and the total price of the project is over $10,000.00 in value.  Any contractor or sub-contractor you hire will be required to obtain a permit and provide the relevant information. If no general contractor is to be used for the project, then each individual trade will need a permit and be required to provide the relevant information.

Residential Solar

All residential solar projects not being installed by the landowner are required by state law to use a licensed contractor.  Those projects will need a permit to be applied for and obtained from the Planning Department.

Ordinance and Application Forms

A viewable copy of the Lamar County Residential Construction Ordinance is available for review & download. The use of the online version is for reference purposes and for the official up to date text, you must contact the Planning Department.

Residential Construction Ordinance

The permit application form consists of just a single side application which outlines on it the information required to be provided.  Once the application form along with the required additional attached information is provided. Staff from the Planning Department will review, collect the required fee, and sign off on the application. The Application Form is not considered an issued permit for the construction until completed and signed by the Planning Department staff.

Residential Construction Permit Application


Tax Information Documents

Federal IRS: A link to the IRS webpage where you may be able to download a W-9 form and the instructions to be printed and provided at time of application if no MSDOR Material Purchase Certificate is available for the project.


MS Department of Revenue: A link to the MS DOR webpage where you can find information and the process regarding the states Contractor tax laws and rules on project sales tax can be found below.

No Mississippi State Tax ID Number will be taken in lieu of a Federal Tax ID Number. A W-9 will be required if no MSDOR Material Purchase Certificate can be provided.


As of the adoption of this ordinance July 5, 2022.  The fee established by vote of the Board of Supervisors is to be $50.00 payable at time of application.

Structural Codes and Occupancy Status

Lamar County Board of Supervisors has not adopted structural codes and has not implemented any structural code-based inspections.

Lamar County Board of Supervisors does not issue certificates of occupancy as maybe typically obtainable from jurisdictions which have adopted and implemented structural codes.  A generic verification letter is provided here below.  Contact the Planning Department if you need a site specific letter.

No Structural Code, Inspections, Certificate of Occupancy Verification

Unincorporated Areas Only

The regulations on this page only apply to unincorporated areas of Lamar County outside of any municipal jurisdiction.  Please contact the respective municipal jurisdiction for its adopted regulations, processes regarding construction permitting.  Construction permit information is listed below for those within a municipality.

Town of Sumrall – 601.758.3591 – 4880 MS HWY 589, Sumrall, MS 39482 –

City of Purvis – 601.794.2472 – 136 Shelby Speights Dr, Purvis, MS 39475 –

City of Lumberton – 601.796.8341 – 102 E Main Ave, Lumberton, MS 39455 –

City of Hattiesburg – 601.554.1003 – 200 Forrest St, 1st Floor, Hattiesburg, MS 39401 –

Lamar County is not responsible for a change in the above contact information for the individual municipality.

Contact the Planning Department

If you have any questions or need any assistance with filing or obtaining a permit in unincorporated areas of Lamar County.  Please contact the Planning Department at 601.794.1024 during normal business hours.